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Methylcobalamin for injection - help us to help you

Probably the biggest thing that B12d does is send methylcobalamin to people for injection.  So it's worth talking about this.

1) We can only ship within the European Union.  Anywhere else, including Switzerland, customs will simply impound and destroy the B12 and it won't reach you.  We reject all requests from outside European Union

2) we can only send methylcobalamin for injection if you already have B12 injections (cyanocobalamin, hydroxocobalamin, methylcobalamin, adenosylcobalamin) for B12 deficiency or a related condition, OR you have spoken to Dr Chandy and he's recommended that you may need some.  Please put this in the note on the request to say what you have

3) We have to prioritise, usually by people who are already regular beneficiaries and those where Dr Chandy specifically requests.  We haven't been able to get enough methylcobalamin for injection to meet the need at the moment, and we're putting in forward orders to keep the manufacturing lines rolling to improve supplies.  Please don't order more than you need, and if you order more than one type then I'll simply reject the duplicate requests

4) the price roughly doubled from USA (it's still much more expensive from Germany than from USA, but we've had nearly 6 months' gap in USA supplies) so with the amount we've already spent on the ampoules from Arnika-Apo, donations haven't kept up and Trustees have had to donate large amounts to be able to buy stock in order to send it to you.  We need at least £4000 per month for B12 and we couldn't do that out of our own pockets.

5) when we couldn't get bottles from USA, we bought glass ampoules from Arnika-apo in Germany.  Lots of people had problems with the ampoules. I'm sorry about that - we didn't have any choice (and to tell the truth, the USA supplier is still a couple of weeks off shipping so we can't guarantee we'll get supplies in bottles)

6) we haven't been able to get the sublingual methylcobalamin at all, certainly not in combination with folic acid.  We have forward orders with the two main suppliers so they should ship the moment they have anything, and nothing is coming through.  I'm told there's a world wide shortage (in other words, we've been too successful raising awareness)

7) please help us to help you.  Request what you need, speak to Dr Chandy if you think you need methylcobalamin for injections, and tell me by writing in the NOTE section of the request

8) lastly, some housekeeping.  We will ONLY accept requests via the web site.  It already takes hours to cross-check for duplicate requests and recent shipping, getting the details right for the labels, etc without also copying addresses across from emails.  If you can't place your order on the website, please find a friend to do it for you in your name

9) and please put your postcode in the right place in your address.  If you don't put a postcode, I'm going to have to just email everyone with an unfulfilled request every week to ask them to put the postcode in.  If they don't, I'll have to delete the request after 4 weeks.  I'm sorry, but I used to spend even more hours looking up postcodes on Google Maps.  WE can only send if we have a postcode.

10) DONATIONS: we don't compare who has donated with who we send B12 to.  Many of our beneficiaries can't afford to donate, so we send out on request.  Please donate out of the goodness of your heart to help us to be able to afford to buy the B12 and send it (the trustees aren't rich, just committed).  It costs us roughly £30 for 10 ampoules and £35 per 30ml bottle for the 1mg/ml solution, and about double that for the 5mg/ml.  Your donations go into our bank account, and when i need to buy B12, I pay out of our bank account.  Nobody gets paid for anything (apart from direct expenses like when I've topped up the postage account out of my own money) so your donations are used to buy B12 to help people.  A monthly donation of £10 or £20 makes a huge difference to us without appearing to cost you too much

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