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USA supplies back on stream

Our favourite readers will be delighted to hear that we have had a batch of 96 bottles from USA.  This is the preferred form for may of you - a bottle of 10ml or 30ml with a rubber bung in the top.  They are also more cost-effective than the Arnika stocks (please note, a 30ml bottle of 1mg/ml from USA is more expensive than 10*1ml ampoules - per dose the USA stocks are much cheaper).

the new supplier, also from Texas USA (the previous one still hasn't got their export license renewed), will only supply 5mg/ml in 10ml bottles because they say it is unstable.  And the price has gone up.

Costs (please donate a little more because some people really can't afford it and we need your help to supply them too)

Item Cost per bottle/pack Postage cost Amount for 1000mcg cost per dose of 1000mcg B12
Germany stock - 10* 1ml ampoules 1mg/ml £28 75p 1ml £2.88
USA stock - 30ml of 1mg/ml £25 £2.80 1ml £0.93
Germany stock - 10* 1ml ampoules 5mg/ml £45 75p 0.2ml £0.91
USA stock - 10ml of 5mg/ml £39 £2.80 0.2ml £0.84

96 came in, 96 went out.  That was about half of the backlog.  The new company has a production line dedicated just to us, they tell us that production is difficult because it's unstable (we ordered 100, and 4 didn't make it) so they can only manufacture 100 every 3 weeks.  We are of course prioritising - our best and oldest first, people who have a recommendation from Dr Chandy, people who give a reason on the notes.

Unfortunately 3 months of Arnika supplies has drained our bank account - Trustees have had to dig into our own pockets in order to get the supplies you need.  Please please dig deep and make monthly donations to help us to buy for the people wh really can't afford it.  In the last month, Trustees have put in an extra £2,500 and we can't afford it either!  You know what a difference it makes to you, think what a difference it makes to others.

Oral tablets (methylB12/folic acid/B6, adenosylcobalamin)

Because of the shortage of funds

we are no longer buying oral B12 to put into stock and send out.  It's possible for you to find oral B12 although we know supplies are difficult, but it's impossible for most people to find B12 for injection, so we're focussing our attention on getting that in for stock.

Duplicate requests

Please don't put on lots of requests.  Please don't try to ask for every type of B12, or use different names, to try to jump the queue and get more than one bottle.  Putting it frankly, it's disappointing when we have so much difficulty getting stocks that we can't send more than one bottle per person and it's disappointing that some people try to jump the queue.  Please do speak to Dr Chandy and clarify if you really do need it.  Please help others.

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