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New Process for Requesting B12

New Process for putting in requests for B12

As you know, we get more requests for B12 (hydroxocobalamin and methylcobalamin) than we can afford to buy and send.  The only funds we get to run the charity and buy B12 are from your donations, although we do apply for grants to upgrade the website and print stuff.

We’ve noticed that some of the requests come from complete strangers – no note, just one (or sometimes lots) of requests for every type of B12 for injections and tablets.  Well it’s important that you record your symptoms, and it’s important that you consider what else may be the problem and which type of B12 is likely to do you some good.  We also get “requests” which are actually lists of symptoms.  At the moment Dr Chandy can’t read the B12 requests so this is not the best place to put that information. 

So here are some proposed changes: 

  1. B12d charity is committed to helping people where we can, regardless of your ability to donate. There’s no link between what you donate and whether we send B12 to you (and there’s no link on the system so please don’t expect to get B12 because you made a donation – the Treasurer isn’t able to forward the notes from PayPal). However we can only buy in stocks if everyone donates generously!  If 1/3 of members (the people receiving this email newsletter) donated £5 per month we’d be able to keep up with requests. Please make your direct debit to TSB Bank 77-29-07 18833068, and it makes it even easier if you put your own name as the reference.
  2. Please keep your symptoms diary (In Members’ Area, Run B12 Calculator) up to date. Dr Chandy wants to be able to review your results, although please don’t assume that he’s got them to hand, it depends where he is answering your email from
  3. Before you place a request, you need to discuss your symptoms with Dr Chandy (via and get advice and support. If he thinks that you do need injections of B12 then he’ll let you know which type and how often you could inject.  Please include this information in the NOTES field of the request.  If we don’t see any notes, then we’re going to "reject" requests.   
  4. we won't ship tablets any more - people can buy these themselves 
  5. Most people need hydroxocobalamin – it converts to both methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin. Dr C is directing more people towards this. If hydroxocobalamin works for you, please don’t ask for methylcobalamin as it’s much more expensive.  If you know you need methylcobalamin then please remind us why in the NOTES field – every time!
  6. Please make sure your address is correct and complete. Within UK we definitely need a UK Postcode in the Postcode field.  If it isn’t there, it means a 10 minute search per missing postcode to update everything for next time and get the parcel out.  Everything in the charity is done by volunteers who have day jobs and other activities, so we try to do the most with the limited time we have
  7. If you have forgotten your username or password, then your username is at the start of this email, and you can reset your password to be emailed by clicking the “forgot password” link when you try to log into the members’ area.

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