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FAQ - I'm thinking of starting my own coffee morning/ web site/ event

QUESTION: Horden in County Durham is a long way away - I'm thinking of starting my own event.

ANSWER: We'd be delighted to help you set up.  We haven't produced lots of printed material yet, although we do have some - copies of the protocol, a booklet of case studies, we have pens and supermarket trolley coins, and of course teddy bears, to help you spread the word.

RELATED QUESTION: I'd like to start my own web site

ANSWER: This is where it gets more controversial.

There's a lot of rubbish on the internet about Vitamin B12.  Do you need to take lots of folic acid? Which form of B12 is most effective?  Are lozenges or nasal sprays or skin patches as good as injections?

Dr Chandy has been studying the condition and the effects of different treatments since 1981.  As a GP, he's followed the same patients throughout, with the original 1981 patient still under his care (34 years on, as at time of writing).  Everyone else working with B12 deficiency has seen patients pass through and not followed them through.  Dr Chandy knows a thing or two about B12 deficiency.

Therefore we'd much rather you didn't start another B12 deficiency web site, and that you didn't give medical answers on Facebook or anywhere else.  We believe it would be helpful for people if you provide support, but direct them to the definitive information about B12 deficiency and what to do about it.  

If you want to write about it, then submit your web page by email to and our team of editors will review it for possible inclusion.  Please state the byline you'd like to see (ie how you want your name to show up, and whether you want to link it straight through to your email so people can email you)

QUESTION: I want to hold a fund-raising event or conference for B12 deficiency

We Love this.  We'd love for people to hold coffee mornings, events, and so on.

What we can't do is jet off all over the country/ world giving talks at events that we haven't been party to, and we generally don't.  And similarly to the answer above, please don't go telling people stuff about B12 that doesn't have any information to back it up.

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New documentary out from Elissa Leonard in North America, featuring Sally Pacholok and many other internationally renowned experts.
The Scottish Parliament discusses Pernicious Anaemia and vitamin B12 deficiency on Wednesday 7 March 2012.
This video is over 1 hour long and represents real political change - we are at last on our way.
Just the way it works for humans, oral B12 can make a world of a difference for your pet. My old cat Smudge chases the young cat again, climbs ladders (and climbs down herself), and is generally as fit as she was many years ago.
The local MP (Grahame Morris MP for Easington - who was a BMS (BioMedical Scientist) in the labs at Sunderland Royal Infirmary) interviews people with B12 deficiency to hear their story (August 27 2010). Here Jane describes the symptoms, and how she can't wait for her next B12 injection (in fact, she knows that she needs injections every 2 weeks because she's keeping a diary of the symptoms). We're restricted how often the GP can give injections, which is why we want to raise awareness.
Frankie tells of how she suffered, the tests she had to endure until doctors worked out what was wrong, and what a difference it has made.
Dr Chandy was nominated for the North East Local Heroes award. The interviewer was at first surprised - people don't get awards for doing what they are paid to do - but she persisted.
Susan gets very tired, which isn't much fun especially as she has so much to do. Here she tells her story.
Donna, like so many women, wants to live a normal life. Vitamin B12 could give her that chance.
The definitive and original guide to B12 deficiency, Dr Chandy interviewed by Chris Jackson of UK BBC Inside Out Team broadcast 31 Oct 2008.
Dr Joseph Chandy explains symptoms and shows the restorative effect on one patient (other patients' families have asked that we edit out their stories unfortunately)
Janette first appeared in the BBC InsideOut documentary in October 2006. Since then the NHS has forced her doctor to withdraw B12 replacement therapy on a number of occasions, and she tells of her struggles with having B12 and then having it taken away.
She has bravely agreed to be filmed without her usual wig, but her memory is playing up because it is so long since her last injection.