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BOOK Vitamin B12 deficiency in clinical practice

At last - the book "Vitamin B12 deficiency in Clinical Practice" (subtitle "Doctor, you gave me my life back!" by Dr Joseph Alexander "Chandy" Kayyalackakom is available from Amazon.

B12d book Front Cover

The book describes Dr Chandy's findings over 46 years of clinical practice, working as a GP in Horden, a village near Peterlee in County Durham.  During that time, Dr Chandy looked after an average of 5760 people, many of whom had lived in Horden their whole lives, been born, grown up, got married, had their own children, all under the care and love of this local GP.  In some cases, up to 5 generations fell under his care (obviously in that 40 years only the last few generations were born!)

Dr Chandy noticed that people were suffering from symptoms that looked to him like B12 deficiency.  Whereas he'd seen it previously with Brahmin (who are strict vegetarians and don't eat any meat or dairy), here he was seeing it in British people who did eat meat.  He asked for tests, and they were refused at first.  When the tests eventually confirmed B12 deficiency, he began treatment and then saw how often the same symptoms came up, and how well it responded to treatment.

Dr Chandy was the first to notice that B12 deficiency can occur without macrocytosis - the view at the time was that this was a blood disease, whereas we now know that the main symptoms are in the nervous system but the cause(s) could be much more difficult to determine.

Dr C was also the first to note that folate levels in the blood are far more affected by B12 deficiency than by folate intake.  With the same folate in the diet, blood levels of flate rose rapidly when a patient received B12 supplements by injection.

The book describes what B12 deficiency is, how to diagnose it, how to treat it, and then goes through body system by body system, how it manifests in different ways.  We've illustrated it with 26 case studies of the more than 1000 patients who received treatment at the surgery.

Black and white copy (ISBN 978-1090400819) is available for (prices approximate) £6.15 (US $8.05),

Colour copy (ISBN 978-1096782919) for £23.55.  Note that although there is a lot of colour in the book, it is designed to be readable in the black and white version.  I'm sorry but that really is the price difference and cost of printing - the charity doesn't get any money from selling these books.  

It's 299 pages, which means that if you want a paper copy, it's almost certainly cheaper to buy from Amazon than to print at home unless you have a very expensive work printer which prints very cheaply.

Download it

Because of its size, we recommend you download chapter by chapter.  It's in A4 which is UK standard size for printing.

Title page and Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Vitamin B12: a profile

Chapter 2 How to diagnose Vitamin B12 deficiency

Chapter 3 Treating B12 deficiency

Chapter 4 Megaloblastic anaemia - not the only way to diagnose B12 deficiency

Chapter 5 Vitamin B12 in pregnancy - preparing for a healthy child

Chapter 6 Neurological disorders - SACD/MS-like presentation

Chapter 7 Autoimmune glandular disorders, with special reference to APS and hypoadrenalism

Chapter 8 Neuropsychiatric disorders, including dementia

Chapter 9 Vitamin B12 and cancer prevention

Bibliography and index

Appendices: Appendix 1 protocol for excluding B12 deficiency, and Appendix 2 protocol for diagnosing hypoadrenalism/ Addison's disease

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Julia found her eyesight going as her eyes refused to focus on the same things as each other. She's been for all sorts of tests and treatment, but now that she's on B12 replacement therapy she's starting to see an improvement.
Dr Chandy was nominated for the North East Local Heroes award. The interviewer was at first surprised - people don't get awards for doing what they are paid to do - but she persisted.
The local MP (Grahame Morris MP for Easington - who was a BMS (BioMedical Scientist) in the labs at Sunderland Royal Infirmary) interviews people with B12 deficiency to hear their story (August 27 2010). Here Jane describes the symptoms, and how she can't wait for her next B12 injection (in fact, she knows that she needs injections every 2 weeks because she's keeping a diary of the symptoms). We're restricted how often the GP can give injections, which is why we want to raise awareness.
Frankie tells of how she suffered, the tests she had to endure until doctors worked out what was wrong, and what a difference it has made.
The Scottish Parliament discusses Pernicious Anaemia and vitamin B12 deficiency on Wednesday 7 March 2012.
This video is over 1 hour long and represents real political change - we are at last on our way.
June describes her suffering when doctors didn't follow the standard protocol after any stomach or intestinal operation - to offer B12 replacement therapy
Janette first appeared in the BBC InsideOut documentary in October 2006. Since then the NHS has forced her doctor to withdraw B12 replacement therapy on a number of occasions, and she tells of her struggles with having B12 and then having it taken away.
She has bravely agreed to be filmed without her usual wig, but her memory is playing up because it is so long since her last injection.
Donna, like so many women, wants to live a normal life. Vitamin B12 could give her that chance.
Just the way it works for humans, oral B12 can make a world of a difference for your pet. My old cat Smudge chases the young cat again, climbs ladders (and climbs down herself), and is generally as fit as she was many years ago.
New documentary out from Elissa Leonard in North America, featuring Sally Pacholok and many other internationally renowned experts.