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BOOK Vitamin B12 deficiency in clinical practice - B12d Patient Case Studies

In the course of Dr Chandy's work, we observed thousands of patients and a number of them consented to have their case studies compiled into the book in 2019 ( and prior to that (2014) into a compentium, which is enclosed here.

B12 deficiency case studies from 2014

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Energy/ Haemopoetic system 

Extreme fatigue, ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, often combined with endocrine system malfunction (also see endocrine on pg 29)

10 Mother and daughter: B12 deficiency without macrocytosis but with neuropsychiatric symptoms
11 B12 deficiency and hypoadrenalism
12 Child withdrawn and lacking energy

Neurological case studies

Numbness, pins & needles, phantom pains, loss of power, SACD


Single limb paralysis


Mother champions the cause for her daughters


Left oculomotor nerve paralysis


Lhermitte's Sign


Motor nerve damage


Facial weakness/ palsy


MS-like presentation


Bell's Palsy affecting left side of face


Ramsay-Hunt syndrome


Psychiatric Symptoms


Totally drained, depressed, skin rash all over his body


ME, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Munchausen's by proxy, joint pain


Eye, Ear, Throat

Glossopharyngeal nerve pathology leading to difficulty swallowing, persistent cough, etc




Persistent cough and swallowing difficulty, lasting 1 year


Immune system and Autoimmune conditions case studies

B12 not only affects the red blood cells, it also affects platelets and white cells, including immune system


Can people die of B12 deficiency? Two case studies contrasted


B12 and Adrenal insufficiency


Common immunodeficiency


Cardiovascular/ respiratory system 

Palpitations, chest pain, heart-disease-like presentation, breathlessness and asthma-like presentation


Cardiomyopathy and mitral-aortic defect in pregnant mother


Vasculitis due to B12 deficiency/ hypoadrenalism




Gastro-intestinal tract

Colitis, IBS, Mouth Ulcers


Swallowing difficulty, extremely incoherent speech and colitis


Skin, hair, connective tissue, joints


Subtle cobalamin deficiency with clinically deficient presentation ME, fibromyalgia, myositis


Rheumatoid arthritis




Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis & Raynaud's Disease


Ankylosing spondylitis/ sacroiliitis


Genito-urinary system

Incontinence, infertility, miscarriage


Fertility and tiredness


Familiy inheritance of B12 deficiency, B12 deficiency in children

including problems of folic acid supplementation without B12 in pregnancy


Four generations


Genetic incidence is clear


Mother and children

B12 deficiency case studies from 2014

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Julia found her eyesight going as her eyes refused to focus on the same things as each other. She's been for all sorts of tests and treatment, but now that she's on B12 replacement therapy she's starting to see an improvement.
Janette first appeared in the BBC InsideOut documentary in October 2006. Since then the NHS has forced her doctor to withdraw B12 replacement therapy on a number of occasions, and she tells of her struggles with having B12 and then having it taken away.
She has bravely agreed to be filmed without her usual wig, but her memory is playing up because it is so long since her last injection.
Just the way it works for humans, oral B12 can make a world of a difference for your pet. My old cat Smudge chases the young cat again, climbs ladders (and climbs down herself), and is generally as fit as she was many years ago.
The definitive and original guide to B12 deficiency, Dr Chandy interviewed by Chris Jackson of UK BBC Inside Out Team broadcast 31 Oct 2008.
Dr Joseph Chandy explains symptoms and shows the restorative effect on one patient (other patients' families have asked that we edit out their stories unfortunately)
Dr Chandy was nominated for the North East Local Heroes award. The interviewer was at first surprised - people don't get awards for doing what they are paid to do - but she persisted.
The Scottish Parliament discusses Pernicious Anaemia and vitamin B12 deficiency on Wednesday 7 March 2012.
This video is over 1 hour long and represents real political change - we are at last on our way.
Frankie tells of how she suffered, the tests she had to endure until doctors worked out what was wrong, and what a difference it has made.
The local MP (Grahame Morris MP for Easington - who was a BMS (BioMedical Scientist) in the labs at Sunderland Royal Infirmary) interviews people with B12 deficiency to hear their story (August 27 2010). Here Jane describes the symptoms, and how she can't wait for her next B12 injection (in fact, she knows that she needs injections every 2 weeks because she's keeping a diary of the symptoms). We're restricted how often the GP can give injections, which is why we want to raise awareness.
Susan gets very tired, which isn't much fun especially as she has so much to do. Here she tells her story.
New documentary out from Elissa Leonard in North America, featuring Sally Pacholok and many other internationally renowned experts.