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Vitamin B12 deficiency Charity Support Group

The B12 Deficiency Support Group (B12d, for short) is a charity.

With great sadness we advise that Dr Chandy has passed away. Please see below.

This website is currently being replaced. PLEASE NOTE some links do not work and this will be fixed when the new site comes online. Watch This Space


The Charity's aims are to:

  • Raise awareness of this condition amongst doctors and the general public, so that people can be diagnosed appropriately.
  • Explain the signs and symptoms that a doctor or person who is diagnosing themselves should look out for, and how to make sure that you reach the right diagnosis and don't confuse B12 deficiency with something else.
  • Ensure treatment is tailored to the needs of the patient, and where possible, make treatment available free at the point of need.

We rely entirely on donations.  NHS will fund B12 for some patients - directly via your doctor. We show here and in our audits that a much wider range of conditions can beneficially be treated with Vitamin B12 replacement therapy.  We are not able to send B12 to people.  This is because we describe the symptoms of B12 deficiency on this site.  We do not have B12 and we do not send it to anyone.

People with B12 deficiency exhibit a range of symptoms, which can include weakened immune system.  Therefore we're no longer holding meetings until the danger from COVID-19 is over.  Please email us on with your questions, and/or download or buy the book "Vitamin B12 deficiency in clinical practice".

Please note that doctors can request copies of the full 299 page book "Vitamin B12 deficiency in clinical practice" for free by sending us an email.  See blog (at the bottom of the page) for 9 July 2019

Whilst you are here:

  1. use the calculator to check your symptoms
  2. if you need advice, send an email to with your symptoms and your questions.  Note that if you don't hear from us within 5 days, please assume that your email has been missed amongst the hundreds of other emails and send another email.  Please don't get upset - we're doing the best that we can.  It's a team but we're all volunteers.
  3. please donate to help us keep the website live, and produce the publications that we're working on
  4. if you want a monthly newsletter, then please create an account and tick the box to receive email newsletters
Are you B12 Deficient? Use our diagnstic calculator to find your diagnosis and how we can help you
Charity Events - View our calendar of events and see what is coming up for B12d
Success Stories - Read success stories on patients of Dr Chandy and other B12 Patients

Finding your way around the web site

  • You might start with What is B12d?, and what causes deficiency or download Dr Chandy's summary book
  • Look at some patient testimonials and television documentaries on the subject - you may recognise your own symptoms.
  • Take the B12 deficiency calculator (big grey button, right), then take the results and the protocol to your GP to discuss.
  • Check out the Blogs at the bottom - that's where we put news
  • If you want to understand how cost-effective B12 replacement therapy is, then this might be a good place.
  • You will also find the most recent updates and news below.

Dr Chandy (Kayalackakom)

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Dr Joseph Chandy (Kayyalackakom) (16 January 1941 to 20 December 2023) has passed away.

 Dr Chandy in a pensive mood

Dr Chandy spent his whole life serving people. After studying in India, Dr Chandy was an NHS GP in Horden, County Durham, United Kingdom for 40years and during that time amassed a wealth of experience.

When people came with tiredness and unexplained neurological symptoms, Dr Chandy began to suspect something more and tested these people for the amount of vitamin B12 they had in their bloodstream.

Many many people have now benefited from vitamin B12 replacement therapy for a variety of conditions which you can find out about by exploring this site.

There's so much to say, and so much sadness at his passing. Dr Chandy's work was highlighted in a BBC Documentary (see link) and the book about B12 deficiency is available as a free download from and also to buy from Amazon (see the link on the page where the free download is available). There's a brief biography of Dr Chandy in the introduction of the book (also published as a web page).

To contact the Support Group, please email

Dr Chandy

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Just the way it works for humans, oral B12 can make a world of a difference for your pet. My old cat Smudge chases the young cat again, climbs ladders (and climbs down herself), and is generally as fit as she was many years ago.
June describes her suffering when doctors didn't follow the standard protocol after any stomach or intestinal operation - to offer B12 replacement therapy
Julia found her eyesight going as her eyes refused to focus on the same things as each other. She's been for all sorts of tests and treatment, but now that she's on B12 replacement therapy she's starting to see an improvement.
New documentary out from Elissa Leonard in North America, featuring Sally Pacholok and many other internationally renowned experts.
The definitive and original guide to B12 deficiency, Dr Chandy interviewed by Chris Jackson of UK BBC Inside Out Team broadcast 31 Oct 2008.
Dr Joseph Chandy explains symptoms and shows the restorative effect on one patient (other patients' families have asked that we edit out their stories unfortunately)
Dr Chandy was nominated for the North East Local Heroes award. The interviewer was at first surprised - people don't get awards for doing what they are paid to do - but she persisted.
The local MP (Grahame Morris MP for Easington - who was a BMS (BioMedical Scientist) in the labs at Sunderland Royal Infirmary) interviews people with B12 deficiency to hear their story (August 27 2010). Here Jane describes the symptoms, and how she can't wait for her next B12 injection (in fact, she knows that she needs injections every 2 weeks because she's keeping a diary of the symptoms). We're restricted how often the GP can give injections, which is why we want to raise awareness.
Susan gets very tired, which isn't much fun especially as she has so much to do. Here she tells her story.
Janette first appeared in the BBC InsideOut documentary in October 2006. Since then the NHS has forced her doctor to withdraw B12 replacement therapy on a number of occasions, and she tells of her struggles with having B12 and then having it taken away.
She has bravely agreed to be filmed without her usual wig, but her memory is playing up because it is so long since her last injection.
Frankie tells of how she suffered, the tests she had to endure until doctors worked out what was wrong, and what a difference it has made.