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B12d Newsletters - B12d Coffee Evening - Annie Barr MBE 8 April 2024

Annie Barr spoke at our April 2024 Coffee and Zoom.

Prior to Annie's talk, we discussed:
London Hospital's Nitrous Oxide Initiative

The team discussed a new initiative by a London hospital to provide instructions on self-injection techniques using nitrous oxide. The aim is to prevent long-term neurological damage from recreational use. However, concerns were raised about the fairness of this initiative, with Michelle noting that it may put those who struggle financially at a disadvantage. Hugo and Greta agreed that any intervention is better than none, but Michelle pointed out that nitrous oxide was never licensed for intramuscular use. The team also discussed the potential reaction to new guidelines, with Julie noting that the St. Thomas' guidelines were issued around the same time as the new guidelines.

Health Supplements and Megadosing Thiamine Experiences

The team discussed various health-related topics including personal experiences with supplements, specific health conditions, and the potential benefits and risks of megadosing Thiamine. Julie shared her positive experience with a doctor's recommendation to supplement her B1 deficiency. Homer recommended Dailitude and shared his successful experience with megadosing Thiamine, advising caution with some B vitamins due to potential risks. Hugo highlighted the importance of being careful with extended periods of some B vitamins. The team also shared resources and personal anecdotes about their experiences with supplements and health conditions.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements Discussion

Hugo's "leaky bucket" analogy was used to explain the interconnectedness of vitamins and minerals, emphasizing that blocking one "hole" can reveal the next problem. The group discussed the benefits of taking a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement, with Carrie-Anne sharing her positive experience with Adenosylcobalamin for her type one diabetes. Sue's book revealed that alcohol consumption can lead to thiamine destruction, and Hugo highlighted the importance of methylcobalamine and adenosylcobalamine in his own experience. Homer noted no difference in his symptoms after adding adenosylcobalamine to his methylcobalamine injections.

Annie Barr MBE - a longstanding Healthcare Practitioner

Hugo introduced Annie Barr, a trustee with over 30 years of experience in healthcare, to the group. Annie presented on her extensive career, focusing on her work with first nations and her role as a certified tribal practitioner. She also discussed her experience in nursing, her leadership roles in healthcare, and her entrepreneurial endeavors, including founding the AB Health Group with seven subsidiary companies.

ABHG's Journey to B12 Efficiency Advocacy

Annie shared their personal journey of loss and self-discovery, which led them to focus on B12 efficiency and its impact on health. They discussed their own B12 deficiency and how it affected their business and personal life in 2018. Annie then shared the story of their mother's health decline due to B12 deficiency and the lack of timely diagnosis and treatment. This experience fueled their passion to raise awareness and provide support to others suffering from this condition. Annie also highlighted their efforts to care for their mother at home and the challenges faced in navigating the healthcare system.

Health Improvement Facility and Functional Medicine

Annie discussed the establishment and services of a health improvement facility in Jed, Scotland, which offers a range of preventative healthcare services including vitamin therapy and professional development courses. Annie also shared the successful results of a clinical trial regarding the use of vitamin B12 patches, developed in 2018, and the Safe Hands Committee's efforts to provide training and practical experience in health and social care. The team's global outreach, future plans, and a commitment to providing comprehensive consultations were also discussed. Annie reflected on their transition to functional medicine in 2022, emphasizing a more holistic approach to patient care, and expressed their desire to empower patients to take control of their own health records. The conversation also touched on the changing dynamics in general practices, the loss of personal relationships between doctors and patients, and the need for further investigation into family medical history.

GP Federation Success and Healthcare Tips

Hugo discussed his successful experience with the GP Federation in North Tyneside, highlighting two Outstanding (CQC rating) practices that achieved notable results, both of which focused on delivering quality care. Michelle and Carrie-Anne emphasized the importance of quality care, while Annie provided insights into the healthcare system, recommending patients to book a general health check to determine necessary tests and further actions. Annie also advised patients to bring along their latest blood results to the general health check appointment and medication information to save time, and clarified that appointments should be booked through

Biochemical Test Interpretation Challenges

Homer discussed the complexities of interpreting biochemical tests, particularly in the context of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. He noted that the levels of homocysteine in the cerebral spinal fluid were significant, and that blood tests were a secondary assessment tool. Annie stressed the importance of interpreting blood results in the context of a person's overall health and symptoms rather than relying solely on lab results or point of care tests. They also raised concerns about the variability of reference ranges for different tests across different locations. Hugo and Michelle acknowledged the value of having technical specialists in the group who could interpret blood tests accurately.

Misdiagnosis of Mental Health and Vitamin B12 Deficiency

The team discussed the misdiagnosis of mental health conditions, specifically bipolar disorder, and its link to vitamin B12 deficiency. Michelle shared her personal experience with misdiagnosis, which led her to investigate the issue further. Annie and Hugo confirmed the severity of the deficiency and its impact on mental health and behavior. Mary shared her struggles with regular B12 injections due to COVID-19 and her difficulty in finding a specialist to diagnose her issue. Annie suggested that Mary should try to obtain her injections through a compounding pharmacy and offered to provide a list of international suppliers. Hugo agreed to facilitate this process. The team expressed sympathy for Mary's situation and appreciation for the charity work done by ABHG.

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