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B12 Signs Symptoms Assessment

The table below allows you to enter your signs and symptoms and immediately read off your B12 deficiency status (in the boxes at the start and end).

It was developed by Dr Chandy over decades of caring for patients, and has been found to be extremely reliable. We recommend that you follow up with a blood serum B12 test; this means that you can document your B12 deficiency status (threshold 200ng/L); on the occasions when the table below indicates B12 deficiency and yet total blood serum B12 test returns a reading above 200ng/L, we have observed that the blood serum B12 levels will fall soon after.  Total blood serum B12 is known to be a poor indicator of B12 deficiency status, and we are investigating a test for active-B12.  See also the Symptoms pages


  1. the table may change colour from white to grey to yellow to red - this is meant to happen to illustrate changing status
  2. the table is written in JavaScript.  if you have disabled JavaScript then you should download the document in Adobe Acrobat format
  3. this page does not save your score. If you wish for a permanent record, please print off the form

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