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What does the Charity do? - Minutes of B12 Defiociency Patient Support Group

We are an open and transparent society, and after minutes have been checked for accuracy, we like to make them public.  This is especially important for people who can't make the meetings and want to know what's going on.

B12d Support Group Meeting 3 Dec 2013

Come for a chat and Coffee Tuesday 3 Dec. 10:30am – 12, East Durham Trust, Community House, Yoden Road, Peterlee, SR8 5DP


We all enjoyed the last coffee morning when Dr Chandy explained his latest findings on adrenal insufficiency and the BBC Camera Crew turned up.

We’re meeting in East Durham Trust (Community House) this time, in Peterlee, and we look forward to seeing you there.  It will be a lot of fun and a chance to catch up with people who understand your problems

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.  And bring your friends with an interest

Hugo Minney (PhD)

MEETING 7 April 10am - Horden Welfare Hall (2013)

Horden Social Welfare Hall


Complete change of plan for this meeting - we're going to try having a morning Committee Meeting, and the emphasis will be on chatting rather than business.

Please feel free to come along.  Horden Welfare Hall on seventh street - i should have posted the front door as there are two buildings close to each other both on the left going up, one with a green front, and one later on with a blue front.  It's the blue front and parking is just past the hall at the end of Seventh Street.  Just phone if you get stuck!


 MEETING Tuesday 12 March 2013

Dear friends

The next meeting of the B12d Patient Support Group in Horden, County Durham, England UK, is on Tuesday 12 March at 4pm, at Horden Welfare Hall.

The Committee has a small amount of business to discuss but you shouldn't get bored and we're really there to talk to each other and catch up on what needs to be done to help people with B12 deficiency.

Can I just add that if anyone wants to start B12d Patient Support Group meetings in your area, just go ahead!  We'd be happy to promote your meetings on this web site.


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