B12 deficiency - a Protocol for treatment

B12 deficiency treatment protocol (PDF)At last - we have prepared a short protocol for treatment of B12 deficiency.

This can be used by all clinicians (especially those in primary care) and will ensure people receive consistent DIAGNOSIS, and TREATMENT.

This protocol applies to patients of all ages.  

This protocol is open to comment.

1. Beginning a diagnosis - use the 1 Minute Signs & Symptoms Health Check (this quickly excludes other conditions or excludes B12 deficiency)

2. Order blood results and compare with reference ranges

3. Take appropriate action/ make appropriate referral for anything else that came up during the diagnosis

4. Follow appropriate treatment schedule for:

(blood serum B12 <200ng/L < 200pg/ml)

  1. B12 deficiency without neuropsychiatric signs and symptoms
  2.  B12 deficiency with neuropsychiatric signs and symptoms

(blood serum B12 >200ng/L)

Prophylaxis to prevent clinical deficiency

It also includes

Mother & foetus, neonate & child care

Download the protocol from here